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Lantagne Legal Printing Services

The legal profession involves more than research, writing, and litigation. Each case also generates a tremendous amount of paperwork, paperwork that can quickly become overwhelming. This is where we can help.

More than a printer for the legal industry, Lantagne Legal Printing provides attorneys with advanced legal assistance. Our Brief Printing Specialists handle digitizing, printing and filing so as to alleviate the burden of this process. We represent our clients by printing legal briefs and other documents that we assemble for courts ranging from the Court of Appeals of Virginia, the Supreme Court of Virginia and the United States Court(s) of Appeals all the way up to the Supreme Court of the United States. Our headquarters in Richmond, Virginia, the state capital, is strategically located in the heart of downtown only blocks away from the local state and federal courthouses.

Our objectives are to provide quality customer service and to focus on the needs of our clients. We handle the Virginia Court of Appeals, the VA Supreme Court, 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, the Supreme Court of the United States (USSC) and additional State and Federal Circuit Courts. We also have experience dealing with other Federal Courts of Appeals, in addition to the local Fourth Circuit Court. Our knowledgeable staff is experienced with court filing rules, appellate procedures, and new filing rules - including, but not limited to, electronic (digital) filings. Our services also include document retrieval from the local courts.

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